Bill Negotiation Services

A new service to help with out-of-network costs

Some patients struggle with high out-of-pocket costs after their medical claims have been paid. These bills are often incurred during costly trips to an out-of-network provider or emergency room.

To help members deal with these unexpected costs, Prominence Health Plan has contracted with The Karis Group to provide Prominence members who have more than $1,000 worth of outstanding medical bills, access to the Karis Bill Negotiator services.

Bill negotiation services are provided by Prominence through The Karis Group FREE to Prominence Health Plan members.

Prominence members deserve great healthcare and we want to help keep that care as affordable as possible. Through our partnership with Karis, and their bill negotiation service, Prominence can help do just that.

What Karis will do

The main goal of Karis Bill Negotiator is to reduce a member’s outstanding medical bill balance by working directly with their healthcare provider. Karis may also be able to secure a payment plan for any resulting balance owed. Or, in some cases, the team might determine that the member qualifies for a program offered by the government, charitable organization or other entity.

Results cannot be guaranteed as each situation is unique, but Karis brings a nearly 22-year track record of success.

How you can receive help

To get started or learn more:

  • Call Prominence Health Plan Customer Service at the phone number on the back of your member ID card
  • Call The Karis Group directly at 855-397-0897
Complete a Service Request Form